Well Filler Compound

Well Filler Compound

o Well Block and Inner Nozzle are filled with Well Filler Mix. This not only ensures free opening but also protects the slide gate system against the melt
o The Well Filler Mix has to have good free flowing properties, so that it falls out on opening of slide gate system without any mechanical support. This practice has the distinct advantage of Quicker turn around
o Higher life
o Easy de-skulling / lesser debris generation
o Better quality of steel

Well Filler Compound

Product Well Filler Compound
Refractory Grades WFC
Chemical Properties
Al2O3 (Min.) % Cr2O3 % 15-45
MgO (Max.) % SiO % 20-80
ZrO2 (Min.) % ZrO % Upto 10
C (Max.) % C (Max) % 2
SiC (Min.) %
Physical Properties
A.P. (Max.) %
B.D. (gm/cc) Min. L.P.D. (gm/cc) 1.52-2.2
C.C.S. (Kg./cm2) Min. Grain size (mm) 0-2

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