Special Products


We Offer world class TAP HOLE SLEEVES for the Converter. The performance of TAP HOLE SLEEVE Influences the productivity of BASIC OXYGEN FURNACE.TAP HOLE SLEEVES are made from mixture of Fused Magnesia and Graphite compacted into a dense form by using High Capacity Press. Recently high spalling resistance, Stable duration of TAPPING time and higher durability is increasingly required to reduce the frequency of exchange.

Properties :
  • High capacity compaction gives high density which has superior Erosion and Corrosion Resistance.
  • Our Tap Hole Sleeves enhances furnace availability and eliminates time for intermittent repairs.
  • Improved quality of Tapping the STEEL,Easy to change. Long life and Much less down Time for TAP HOLE Maintenance.


For Coke Oven Batteries Repairing.
  • A mixture of ceramic and metallic particles are driven by oxygen flow and projected on to the hot Refractory Surface which requires the Repair.
  • The exothermic Reaction at the point of impact melts the projected powder and the Refractory Surface, creating a bond  very similar to the effect of metallic welding.
  • It results in a fusion, bound to the Refractory.
  • The key benefit of using ceramic welding is that it is performed while the furnace or vessel is at or near operating temperature.Ceramic welding is utilized by most coke producers to prolong the life or their oven's refractories with minimal production loss.

For Repairing of Glass Tanks.
  • The ceramic welding process was developed and originally designed for the situ repair of glass furnaces. A Glass melting furnace is subjected to different types of erosions and other problems are reason in major Furnace Damage.
  • To prevent erosions and other problems and increase the life of Glass Melting Furnace, we use ceramic welding powder.Qualities which is needed by an ideal Ceramic Welding powder.
  • The CERAMIC WELDING POWDER market includes: flat glass producers, container glass producers, fiber glass producers, sodium silicate producers and many other specialty glass producers.


  • Reliable Free opening is the requirement for the trouble free operation of Slide Gate system. For this purpose, Well Block and Inner Nozzle are filled with Well Filler Mix. This not only ensures free opening but also protects the slide gate system against the melt.The material should be such that it should not sinter, it should not react with steel, well block and inner nozzle.The Well Filler Mix has to have good free flowing properties, so that it falls out on opening of slide gate system  without any mechanical support.This practice has the distinct advantage of: Quicker turn around.
  • Higher life.
  • Easy de-skulling / lesser debris generation.
  • Better Quality of Steel.