Slide Gate Refactory
  • Slide Plate.
  • Ladle Nozzle.
  • Collector Nozzle.
  1. WEL has a comprehensive range of Slide Gate refractory products of all grades and shapes according to the need of refractories requirements of core sector industries. We look forward to work with the end user with the goals of lower cost, higher performance, greater reliability and machined to exact tolerances.
  2. Slide gate plates are available in a number of different chemistries and bond systems to best match the grades of steel and chemistries of the slag

    + Saflow Slide Plate.
    + 1 QC Slide plate.
    + 2 QC Slide Plate
    + 4200 Slide Plate.
    + 6300 Slide Plate.
  3. Specific physical, chemical and mineralogical compositions of high purity ensure high corrosion and erosion resistance, optimum thermal shock resistance to yield optimum performance.
  4. Nozzles : WEL also supplies nozzles in a number of different compositions to best suit the operating conditions of the steel ladle. Nozzles are available in alumina qualities (with and without carbon additions, zirconia additions) to best resist the slag chemistry.
  5. Nozzles are either pressed or pre-cast depending on the composition. These shapes can be pre-fired if necessary to ensure optimum performance. These pieces are custom-designed for a specific ladle with attention to total life, cost efficient, consistent and reliable high performance.