Purging And Shape Refactory
  • Lances(Oxygen .Argon, Desulpherization , Gas Steering.)
  • Slag Arresting Dart
  • Impact Pads.
  • Porous Plug.
  • PP Well Block & Ladle Well Block.
  • Tundish Flow Modifiers.
  • Zircon Tundish Nozzle (For Open Casting)..


These various shapes are manufactured from Low Cement Castables by using vibration techniques and are tailor made to suit any requirement of customers. These shapes are specially suitable for places where possibility of using castables directly does not exist or where the intricacy of the requirement prevents the usage of castables directly. These are moulded / formed by vibration casting techniques, dried, fired to 5000C and supplied to customer at site when it is ready for use as and when the requirement arises.

Monolithic Lances : Monolithic lances are used in steel industry for Argon rinsing stations, LHF, Desulphurisation of hot metal and oxygen lancing. Main purpose of appilication is to get homogenous clean steel and temp control of hot metal.

VVEL offers monolithic lances such as Oxygen Lance, Argon Lance, Gas Stirring Lance & Desulphurization Lance having the following properties
1) Ingredient homogeneousness, stable quality
2) Superior corrosion resistance from metal
3) Superior erosion resistance from slag
4) Good resistance to CaO & CaC2
5) Excellent thermal shock properties

Slag Arresting Dart: This is used in Converter as a means to cut off the slag from going into the ladle during tapping of steel, thus increasing the effective capacity of the steel ladle & reducing the downtime of the Ladle and to produce cleaner steel.

Porous Plug : The clean steel making demands adoption of secondary steel making process which results longer residence time and high Turbulance of metal & slag by bottom purging system. VVEL offers pre-cast directional purging plug (IPV, GP II & GP III).

Porous Plug Well Block & Ladle Well Block : We manufactures wide range of shapes/sizes as per the requirement of customer with Al2O3 percentage ranging from 45% to 90%.

Tundish Flow Modifier : It helps in reducing turbulance and splashes at the part of the melt of casting, reduced slag emulsification during changeovers increased inclusion floatation tendency and re - scull size improved the field.

Tundish Nozzle : It is used for open casting of BILLET. We offer both type of Tundish Nozzles as below :-

  1. Alumina Carbon - For short sequence
  2. Zirconia Insert Nozzle - For long sequence
The nozzle plays a critical role in maintaining both a constant rate-of-flow and a steady, smooth flow of the molten steel into the moulds. A tundish nozzle for manufacturing steel has a fine - grained zirconia liner inside a more conventional coarse - grained nozzle. The insert has higher density and strength, and lower porosity than the surrounding material. This improves dimensional stability and resistance to erosion and corrosion. Properties important to this application : erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature stability, and resistance to thermal shock. The resultant tundish nozzles provide a reasonable solution to the need for a steady and smooth flow of molten steel in the continuous casting operation, although the severity of the application does require that the tundish nozzles be monitored and replaced as needed