Founded in 1990, WEL Refractory Division [A BEC Group Company] has enjoyed ever growing support and encouragement from a steadily increasing number of customers. We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers ofwide rang of refractory products. We focus on our customer's needs and develop and produce customized, quality refractory products, offering the best price, higher performance and provide best technical services in the industry. Our R&D keeps pace with the changing refractory technology and demands of the steel industry. Refractory performance is responsible for success of steel making processes. Steel is one of the most attractive, most robust and most sustainable materials in the world. Production of clean steel with the minimum specific consumption of refractory is the main target of steel makers and of WEL also as refractory manufacturers. The present global economic crisis has compelled the steel makers to produce cleaner steel at lower cost. In this context Vishva Vishal Engineering Limited, offers a wide range of products.