Castables And Masses
  • Rocking Runner and Slag Runner castables gel bonded
  • Low Cement Castables
  • High Alumina Castables
  • Mortars
  • Basic Ramming & Gunning Mass
    • Basic Ramming Mass (Induction Furnace)
    • Magnesite Ramming Mass (ARC Furnace)
    • Basic Gunning Mass
  • Tundish Vibro Mass, Tundish Spray Mass



The product range includes Low Cement Castables of different Alumina content (Al2O3 varying from 45 % to 90 %) with service range between 1500oC to 1800oC. These are characterized by Al2O3 content and specific low Fe2O3 and low CaO content. Also water requirement for casting is less than 5%. These castables have very short curing time requirement. These are suitable for use in places where very quick setting is required thus reducing the downtime of Furnaces. These are being extensively used in furnaces like :
  • Ladle & Tundish back-up lining.
  • Sintering Furnace roof.
  • Soaking pit covers.
  • Hearth of Re-heating furnaces.


The product range Includes High Alumina Castables of different Alumina content varying from 50 % upto 95 %. The water requirement for casting is 7 to 10 % and have a short curing time. These castables are used in reheating furnaces, steel ladles and as a general purpose repair.

Mortars :-

VVEL offers 90K Green Mortar having 90% Al2O3, chemically bonded with excellent bonding strength & resistance to metal penetration.

The properties of 90K Mortar are –

  • High strength at higher temperature
  • Superior performance in corrosive environments



Magnesite Ramming Mass : Suitable for Ramming of Electric Arc Furnaces of various capacities and also as a repair material with quick thermosetting propeties. This is also suitable for Ultra High Power (UHP), EBT (Eccentric Bottom Tapping) furnaces.

Basic Gunning Mass : Suitable for gunning of L. D. converters and Electric Arc Furnaces for production of high quality alloy steel, mild & low alloy steel.

Tundish Vibro Mass
  • VVEL offers  magnesite based moldable water-free mix for Tundish lining. 
  • It is easily filled between the permanent layer of Tundish and the steel former. 
  • The former is heated up to 300oC by a hot air Generator for 2 ~ 2.5 hours, and then removed by crane after cooling.
  • It is formed at designed thickness. It performs at long sequence lengths more than 20 hours and protects the quality of steel. 
  • Deskulling is a safe and quick process with VVEL Vibromass, reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs. It can be used in both cold and hot tundish practices.

Tundish Spray Mass : Tundish is no longer an intermediate between the Ladle and Mould; it plays a vital role in the quality of continuous cast steel as it is the final container prior to the steel entering the Mould. The working lining of Tundish plays an impotant role in providing quality and cost effective steel. Earlier, the Tundish used to be lined with bricks / MgO Boards. This is being changed to MgO based sprayed / gunned lining.