Blast Furnace & Corex Mudgun Mass


VVEL offers a complete range of Mudgun mass to meet the widely varying demands of Indian Blast Furnaces & Corex plant. The intrinsic properties of VVEL Tap Hole mass are :
  • Good workability to facilitate extrusion.
  • Consistency of structure to prevent oozing out of nose of the gun.
  • Controlled coking-out time to ensure adequate strength of
  •      extruded material.
  • Lower volatile to minimize fumes and gas evaluation.
  • Good resistance to oxidation and slag attack.
  • Ease of drilling at the time of Tap Hole opening.
  • Good shelf life.


VVEL offers improved range of Carbon Bonded Trough / Runner mass to meet the demanding service requirements of today's Indian Blast Furnaces. The properties of these products are :
  • Erosion resistance from Iron.
  • Corrosion resistance from Slag.
  • Non wettability to Iron & Slag.
  • Low porosity to resist metal penetration.
  • Thermal stability and shock resistance.
  • Structural integrity.

Note : The properties of Tap Hole Mass & Runner Mass are Tailor made to suit the requirements of Blast furnaces of various capacities. (From Mini Blast Furnace of 175 Cu.Mtr. capacity to Blast Furnace of 4000 Cu. Mtr. capacity).


As the name, indicates, this is used as a cement for jointing / filling the gap in between cooling plates. This contains around 85 % Iron. This is simply mixed with water to workable / trouble consistency and applied in the gap. Within 6 to 7 hours the material becomes a solid monolithic like Iron / Steel. This is used mainly during construction of new Blast Furnace or during the capital repair of Blast Furnaces