Tundish Vibro Mass

Tundish Vibro Mass

o We manufacture magnesite based moldable water-free mix for Tundish lining
o It is easily filled between the permanent layer of Tundish and the steel former
o The forma is heated upto 300<sup>0</sup>C by a hot air generator for 2-2.5 hours, and then removed by crane after cooling
o It is formed at designed thickness. It performs at long sequence lengths more than 20 hours and protects the quality of steel
o Deskulling is a safe and quick process with our vibro mass, reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs. It can be used in both cold and hot tundish practices

Tundish Vibro Mass

Chemical Analysis (%)
Product Tundish Vibro Mass
Al2 O3 (Min.) %
MgO (Max.) % 75
Fe2 O3 (Max.) % 2
SiO2 (Max.) % 15
Cr2O3 %
CaO (Max)% 3
Physical Properties
Product Tundish Vibro Mass
B.D. (gm/cc) Min. 1100C/24 hrs
C.C.S. (Kg./cm2) Min. / 1100C
C.C.S. (Kg./cm2) Min. Drying @8000C / 3 hrs soaking
C.C.S. (Kg./cm2) Min. Drying @11000C / 3 hrs soaking
C.C.S. (Kg./cm2) Min. Drying @15000C / 3 hrs soaking 70
Thermal Conductivity (k cal/m/hrs0C)
P.L.C. max at 15000C
Shelf Life (months) 3
L.B.D. (gm/cc) Min.
Skull Removal Smooth
Grain Size (mm) Max. 1

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