Tap Hole Sleeve

Tap Hole Sleeve

Mag – Carbon Sleeve for Converter
We offer world class Tap Hole Sleeves for the converter. The performance of Tap Hole Sleeve influences the productivity of Basic Oxygen Furnace. Tap Hole Sleeves are made from mixture of Fused Magnesia and Graphite compacted into a dense form by using High Capacity Press, High spalling resistance.

o High capacity compaction gives high density which has superior Erosion and Corrosion Resistance
o Our Tap Hole Sleeves enhances furnace availability and eliminates time for intermittent repairs
o Improved quality of Tapping the Steel, Easy to change, Long life and Much less down time for Tap

Tap Hole Sleeve

Product Tap Hole Sleeve
Refractory Grades THS-2 THS-7 THB-3
Chemical Properties
Al2O3 (Min.) % NA NA NA
MgO (Max.) % 88 81 85
ZrO2 (Min.) %
C (Max.) % 8 15 15
SiC (Min.) %
Physical Properties
A.P. (Max.) % 3 3.5 3
B.D. (gm/cc) Min. 2.9 2.8 2.9
C.C.S. (Kg./cm2) Min. 450 350 350

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