Research & Development

Research & Development

A well-established manufacturing setup supported by a testing and quality control laboratory. The comprehensive Research and Quality Control Facilities installed in the plant comprises

o Eirich Mixer
o Glaze Furnace
o Programmable Dryer
o Machine tools for shaping & drilling
o Cold and Hot mixing of various raw materials
o Control atmosphere rooms for mix storage
o Cold Iso-static press and 1600 ton hydraulic press for pressing
o High temperature PID / PLC control furnace
o Non-destructive testing equipments for quality and process control
o Backed and supervised by well trained, experienced and highly qualified technical personnel

Muffle furnace (11000C) Carbon Apparatus
Hot Air Oven (3000C) Magnetic Analyser
Heating Furnace (14000C) Distillation Apparatus
Heating Furnace (17000C) Dean and Stark Apparatus
Spalling Resistance Furnace Drier
CCS Testing M/C 200 Ton CCS Testing M/C 100 Ton
HMOR Furnace (14000C) Oven
Digital pH Meter 10000C Electrical Furnace
Moisture Testing Apparatus PCE Furnace
Brookfield Viscometer Planetary Mixer
Optical Pyrometer Vicat Apparatus

Regd. Office

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3rd Floor, Nariman Point
Maharashtra. India


4/5 Industrial Estate,
Nandini Road, Bhilai,
Durg-490 026
Chattisgarh, India


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